Sunday, April 26, 2009

*Add pictures to Internet -Check

I added some pictures to past blogs. There are now some Vacation pics, and some early spring garden pics.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunny Day

I love this weather! Yes the heat was a little surprising yesterday, but still wonderful. I got up early today so I can take on some outside projects! The plants in my garden are really starting to come up. I was convinced they weren't going to grow. I am so thrilled! I was convinced I had a black thumb. I will add pictures later.
My mother in law made this birdbath for me last year. It needed rinsed out again.

Whenever I tried putting these in the pots they were supposed to be in they died. So i left them in here. They grew so much I had to move someto another pot. Now they are taking over that one.
Of course I have a lot of work to do out here. I am excited to finally have a pretty flower bed again. Everything is so depressing in the winter.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Much Better

Well things are looking up! Frank is able to return to work, and I think I found a part time job. So this has eased the pressures of the bills. My masters classes are still taking tons of time but there is only a month left! Then I get a week off before summer school starts.
I got to go out and work in the garden today. I love being out in the sun. I got most of it weeded (it's 45 feet long, and there are lots of weeds). It looks like all my hostas and flags are coming in nicely. I have been saving my change so I can buy some flowers in a month or so, mulch too.
My knee is really doing great. I started walking 3.5 miles again and made it without it hurting. I think I may try jogging tonight. = ) I love to jog.
I also was able to buy some fruits and vegetables! I love fresh fruit and vegetables! Now I can munch on those instead of junk! YAY!
I still haven't uploaded the pictures from vacation. We honestly didn't take many. I don't think we got any in NYC or Boston. I was having too much fun and forgot to get out the camera! Hopefully I will have some time to get those uploaded tonight or tomorrow.
We may be putting an addition onto our house. If that happens then we can start working on fixing up the pool deck. I don't think we can afford to repair the pool this year but things are looking up for next year.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I can't wait till Frank Graduates!!

I am so frustrated, defeated, and overwhelmed. I have finally got a lot of the troubles I was having with my class corrected, but of course there are other things making me crazy.
Money, AHH I hate this. I can not pay my bills with what I make, let alone get gas in my car, and buy groceries. What am I supposed to do when every pay check my bills are $200-$300 MORE than what I am getting paid. I already don't have cable. I honestly have nothing else I can cut out. I went to college to not be able to pay my bills??? I can't understand how anybody gets by on only minimum pay. I am thinking about getting another job, but then when do I do my school work?? That's the other thing, my school work. My class work takes up more time than a part time job. I have to work on an assignment EVERY night. It's getting a little ridiculous. I feel sick worrying about how I am going to get by every week. This shouldn't be. No one should work as hard as teachers do and still have to feel like this, and have this worries. I haven't got a clue how we are going to make it through the next 2 years. Especially if I can't find a job next year. I just don't know what I will do without Health Insurance if I can only sub.

There are good things too. I am probably going to be able to quit physical therapy. My knee has gotten stronger and hurt a lot less. I am going to keep up the excercises and stretches and hope it is enough to get me back in the shape I want to be in.