Friday, March 20, 2009


I am back from my vacation. Frank and I really had a great time. It was like our honeymoon (almost 3 years late). I will get some pictures loaded later. First I have to make-up the homework that I missed, yes I had a teacher assign work that was due during spring break!! So that's what I will spened my weekend doing (boo).

This was the first picture taken on our way to NYC!
I was trying to get Chewie to see how fun it was in his new kennel.

He loved looking out the window in our New Jersey hotel room.

This is the view of NYC skyline from our hotel. We rode the ferry across to the city. We didn't get any pictures from in New York because I always left my camera in the hotel!

Chewie also loves water so we pulled over in Boston and let him get in. We didn't get many pictures of Boston because it was cold and violent. We were there for St. Patrick's Day and there was a lot of crime and drunk people around. I didn't feel safe getting out my camera. Boston was our least favorite stop.
When we got to Hershey, Pa Chewie found another window to lay in. Hershey was our favorite place on the trip because it was so clean and friendly.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Hair

I really like my hair in my current style. It is the first time in my life that I can say that. The problem is that my family seems to not like it as much as me. They say it looks nice but I need to have long hair. Don't they remember I always wore it in a ponytail and rarely ever fixed it? I know it looked nice in planned pictures because I would spend the time to fix it, but I never did that on a regular day. I just don't think it's worth it.

I am struggling with letting it grow out, or continuing to keep it short. What do you think?



(Keep in mind, I was 10 pounds lighter and tan in the before pictures. )

Thursday, March 5, 2009


It seems when I start doing what I should, and really getting in to exercising, something always stands in my way. In November I started using my elliptical daily. It went great for about two weeks, then it broke. I hate to run outside when it is cold so I started doing different exercises videos, Sweatin' to the Oldies is my favorite. But then my knee starting hurting. Then it REALLY hurt. Then I couldn't go up stairs without intense, sharp pain. I finally went to the doctor.
Somehow my knee cap is dislocated and it being off just the tiniest bit is causing things that shouldn't rub together to rub together, which results in tremendous pain. I am now in physical therapy and am hoping that if we keep stretching and strengthening the tendons we will be able to "pop" it back into place. I am still going to Zumba and Aerobics 3 times a week but I just can't do too much on my right knee yet. I hope I can get it back to normal by the time warm weather comes because I really enjoy jogging the trails in Mannington, and last spring/ summer I was able to shed 10 pounds (which I have gained back since). Hopefully this knee doesn't hold me back. I am just the type of person who HAS to exercises even if I eat right. My whole family has weight problems and I am bound and determined not to let it happen to me!
I did notice a difference in how much more I could do tonight at aerobics since I did my knee stretches first. I really hope it continues.
Well I need to work on my homework.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am just BLAH today.

I don't know whats wrong with me. I have NO energy and just want to sleep. It may be because everyone in my house is still alseep. I wish they would get up so I could turn on some music do something. I can't sit down without just going to sleep. It's so boring. Anyways, maybe I can go for a walk so something. It isn't as cold today as it was yesterday. I do have a lot of work to do for work but I really am getting sick of spending hours of my at home time doing work that I don't get paid for and no one appreciates. I dont know why I wanted to be a teacher, there really aren't any good things about it. People always say "you get the summers off" Yeah right, I have to work just as much in the summer as I do the rest of the year because I dont get paid enough, and I never will. But I can't think of any other job I would want either so I guess I need to get out of my slump, move around and cheer myself up.
I do get to go on vacation in two weeks! The only bad thing about it is I will be worrying about my class the whole time. Hopefully I won't let it ruin anything.