Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am glad I have this blog because I need to vent. I am working on my Masters in Reading. Last semester I had 12 hours of classes that I really enjoyed. All the material actually helped me in my teaching and was very beneficial. So far this semester only one of my courses is worthwhile. As far as the other two, I either know what they are teaching me, or I can't see how it would EVER matter. I feel like I am wasting time and energy, and MONEY!! I almost forgot that I am paying good money for these classes.
I know FSU's graduate program is new and they are working out the kinks, but some of these courses are just ridiculous.
Another thing that irks me is that I want to have a 4.0. I plan on going on to get my doctorate and a 4.0 should make a good impression on getting accepted. With these courses I am not "feeling" the assignments therefore, I am not putting forth my best effort. I know this is my fault and I need to straighten up.
I guess I will just keep telling myself "Just do it, do it right, get the A and forget it"
It's still early, maybe it will turn around.

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